Harness Your Energy.

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to carry an intuitive wisdom and sense of peace, despite the crazy ups and downs of day-to-day life?

🤔 Picture a life where stress, pain, and anxiety are mere echoes of the past, replaced by a profound sense of balance and purpose. What if we told you that the key to this transformative experience lies in the fusion of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science?

Introducing "Energy and Flow by rREST" – a groundbreaking journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

🚀 With the guidance of Reiki Masters Dr. Mitra Ray and Dr. Cindy Sholes, immerse yourself in the realms of Reiki Level I and II, not just as esoteric practices, but as a scientifically-backed approach to unleashing your inner potential.

🔬 Uncover the secrets of energy work with a course that seamlessly blends intuition, mindfulness, and the art of pain and anxiety management. This isn't your typical certification; it's a gateway to a life-altering shift in your well-being.

course Highlights

Energy and Flow by rREST is the inaugural course in the rREST Certification Program, offering a profound exploration of heightened awareness and energy and setting the stage for our proprietary mental fitness modality: the Rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique (rREST).

Embark on an enlightening journey with our comprehensive exploration of energy work and Reiki. Discover how tuning into your body's energy and syncing with the rhythms of nature can empower your well-being.

  • Understand the science behind energy healing in an easily digestible way.

  • Relieve day-to-day pain and anxiety to enhance your well-being and mental clarity.

  • Be attuned to Reiki Levels I and II to take charge of your own healing journey and help those around you.

Use the link below to check out our course calendar to= see which semester works for you!

NOTE: The semester calendars include dates for the full rREST Certification Program, you only need to account for calls and workshops titled Energy and Flow, which are shown in blue.

In this course, You will...

  • Understand the fundamentals of "What is Energy?"

  • Learn to utilize the power of Reiki energy for personal and universal good.

  • Discover the surprising link between our brainwaves and the earth’s magnetic field.

  • Investigate human intuition and how to harness it.

  • Learn how Reiki is used in clinical practice for supplemental healing.

  • Apply a science-based approach to energy healing.

  • Expand your intellectual skillset to incorporate empathy, innovation, and curiosity in your daily life and foster it in the lives of others.

  • Elevate your income opportunities by offering your skills as a Certified Reiki Practicioner.**

What to expect

This isn't just another Reiki Course — we take a unique, science-based approach that makes complex concepts easily understandable. Uncover the science behind energy healing without overwhelm, as we guide you through each step.

During the Course:

  • Access to our student portal with 6 self-paced e-learning modules

  • Fun, dynamic and clear instruction.

  • Get Reiki attuned and practice Reiki during our LIVE virtual intensive workshop.

  • LIVE support calls to aid in your course progression.

  • An engaged and supportive learning community.

Upon Certification:

  • Your certificates of completion for Reiki levels I and II.

  • The opportunity to continue with the rREST Certification Program at a discounted price**

  • 10% referral bonus for each referred student who registers for the Energy and Flow by rREST Course.***

Please note, all workshops and support calls are mandatory for course completion. Please view our course calendar to see scheduled events.


Embark on a transformative journey with Energy and Flow by rREST for only $497, covering the entire course, including both Reiki Level I and II certifications.

Standard Reiki certifications, can cost upwards of $500 per level of certification, without incorporating a more in-depth science-based approach. With Energy and Flow, you'll receive a comprehensive training experience, gaining insights and skills that extend beyond the norm.

rREST is excited to now offer financing options!

Please view this link for eligibility.


Students must be able to complete all e-learning course material and attend all support calls and the live workshop to receive their Reiki I and II Certification.


*Content and number of calls offered during the course is subject to change as we evolve together to serve you best.

**rREST® Inc. does not guarantee financial gains by participating in this program, however many certified coaches consider their rREST practice to be a source of stable income.

***Applies to new students only. Students must use your (the affiliate's) unique affiliate link during registration for their selected course for you to receive the bonus.

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