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What would it be like to feel in the flow of life, to have energy at your fingertips? We aren’t talking about the energy you get from food; rather, we’re discussing the life force energy that gives you vitality, the energy that heals your body, mind, and spirit. When you learn how to access it, you can use this energy to heal yourself and others; by the way, everyone can learn to access it. When you are connected with your life force energy, you will feel a certain ease about life as if things are flowing as they should. The more you understand, the more powerful you become.   

Pain and anxiety are two of the most common challenges holding many people back from the life they really deserve. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, they often can’t get the relief they seek from traditional medicine.

What if you could help yourself by learning some of the principles and techniques of energy medicine to manage not only pain and anxiety but many other emotional and physical challenges that life can throw at you? What if you could also help other people? The answer is YES you can!

The Energy Healing I learned from the rREST Energy & Flow course not only added an entirely new dimension to my coaching practice but has improved my life through consistent meditation, deep breathing, and an overall sense of peace at a level I’ve never been able to achieve on my own or with other courses.

-Shawn Bollig

“I have been a massage and structural therapist since 2004. I have used energy work in my practice all of those years. When I was in the rREST certification program, I was actually in my third year of studies for Cranial Sacral Therapy, which is very much energy work based. As a result, I thought I was quite well versed in energy work. As part of the certification program, I learned about Energy & Flow. Talk about amazing!! This has taken my skills to a whole new level and I am able to help my clients like never before.”

-Stasha Howarth-Clark

That is why we created this course — to help people learn as much as possible about how energy healing works. You will learn more about the powerful energy healing technique called Reiki and why it is being used in major hospitals worldwide. Then, we tune you into your own Reiki energy through our live workshops – these are called “attunements”. Once attuned, you will be able to heal yourself and offer Reiki to others near and far. We are so excited for you to experience this heightened awareness and energy!

We will start with a deep dive into discussing What is Energy, and how we can help ourselves by learning to tune into the energy in our own body, as well as how to tune into the rhythms of nature. People really get excited when they take this course because they feel it working as they go.

In the Energy and Flow course, you will learn how to draw upon the power of Reiki energy and wield it for the good of all. But this is not your "ordinary" Reiki Course. We offer a bigger and more science-based approach than other courses we have seen on energy healing. And don’t worry as we’ll make all that science understandable. We’ve been told that is our superpower — to take complicated concepts and research and make them understandable.

We are all familiar with our "five senses". In this course, you will learn energy psychology which will open your eyes to 6 other extraordinary human senses. Understanding and using these provide you cues that we will teach you to trust and tune into your intuition even more. You will learn the basics of meditation so you can sharpen all 11 of your senses, reduce anxiety, and increase your mind control.

You will also be introduced to a novel technique in neuro-emotional energy psychology, rREST, that alleviates hidden traumas and soothes triggered responses that even Reiki can’t address long-term. If you are a rREST Coach in training, you will learn how to use your Reiki for doing rREST sessions more effectively. For many, this will be your first exposure to neuro-emotional psychology and how you can leverage it in your daily life. As a bonus, you will get 3 rREST sessions and be able to experience how fast neuro-emotional psychology works to rewrite past traumas that are hidden under the surface for most people. 

You will:

-Be able to Connect with your own life force energy and experience its healing properties.

-Understand the science behind the energy, mind, body connection.

-Learn how western thought is catching up to eastern knowledge.

-Combine ancient wisdom and practical tools for fast and powerful results.

LIVE online offerings:

-1 day workshop 9 am – 5 pm (Pacific Time)
-Attunements & live practice

-2 group coaching calls 4 – 5 pm (Pacific Time)
-1 orientation and support call on Monday afternoons (recordings available)

DISCLAIMER: Content and number of calls offered during the course is subject to change as we evolve together to serve you best.

rREST is excited to now offer financing options! Please  view this link for eligibility. 

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