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Have you ever had moments where you felt like your emotions controlled you rather than you controlling them? If so, then you will love rREST.  rREST stands for rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique. rREST reprograms your stress and transforms it so you feel in control, and have the ability to relax when you want to. Stress doesn’t just mean being angry, having anxiety, or having PTSD. Stress shows up in many forms such as procrastination, people-pleasing, being manipulative, living in an imaginary world, hiding out, hoarding, weight gain, eating disorders, and so many other triggered patterns and behaviors. rREST offers you a way to break free of these patterns. 

You can become your authentic, adult self without all of the emotional armor that you have been carrying around, which has been silently draining your energy. You will gain emotional agility, which is the ability to master your emotions. That mastery means you become that rare person who has the ability to ride out your emotions without being controlled, stopped, or overwhelmed by them. When you take the rREST Certification Program, not only will you gain emotional agility that will transform your own life, but also you will be able to coach other people to transform their lives as well.  

“As a personal trainer, people tend to tell you all about their stresses while working out. Now, I have a means to release their underlying stresses that in the past have most likely stood in the way of my clients goals. Before rREST the only thing I could help them with is feeling better in the moment, now they feel better for a lifetime. By combining rREST sessions with personal training, there is nothing but success taking place.  Who knew that releasing underlying stress could be so powerful?”

-Lindsay Hahl

The rREST Certification Program begins with the Energy and Flow course, where you will learn how to tune into your own intuition and gain access to deeper aspects of your mind and your own healing power.

In the rREST Certification program, you will learn how to coach the hidden mind, to find people's blindspots that trip them up or trigger them. You will learn how to strategically identify and address each individual's stress and help them clear it out of their way.  

As you learn and practice the step-by-step process of rREST, you will change your past and create your own future from a place of clarity, power, and purpose. And more importantly, you will be able to do the same for others.  

For example, Imagine what it would be like to support a teenager who feels trapped in high school like it's a jail sentence. You can help them step into their purpose path with emotional agility, so that the next logical step for them becomes clear and exciting.

If you participate fully in this course and practice all of the tools, you will be able to:

-Understand the power of “stress” 

-Use “stress” as a tool for change. (And, it is not what you think :-)

-Use a special form of hypnotherapy to access your Hidden Mind


-Uncover the Blind Spots of others

-Understand the powerful influence of the past

-Break old, dysfunctional habits and sabotaging patterns

-Break up with burnout permanently

-Create a new direction for the future

-Unwind the scourge of perfectionism

-Turn imposter syndrome upside down to create more self-confidence.

-Access your clear mind, clear purpose, and the power of your choice. 

-Guide people to find their power and purpose.

What you will get:

-12 Rich Modules of Online Course Material

-Fun, Dynamic, and Clear Instruction

-Fast and Efficient Strategies to Turbo-Charge Your Clients' Success

-Increased Emotional Agility

-An Engaged & Supportive Learning Community

-3 Live Online Intensive Workshops

-Bi-monthly Coaching and Support Meetings

-Ongoing access to Online Course Vault (only for coaches who complete the course requirements)

This fully supported certification program will quickly and efficiently teach you how to use rREST®, which stands for Rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique, to clear out emotional blocks and stress patterns from their source for long-lasting benefits.

This course includes 3 days of intensives, split into three full day online workshops. You will need to block off the dates to attend these life-changing workshops. 

15 group training and coaching sessions will be hosted in order to integrate rREST into your current practice, so your clients get faster results, write you rave reviews, and want to share you with the world.

*As a special bonus during this program, you will also learn the energy healing form of Energy & Flow by rREST. 

* Students enrolling in the March 2023 course will receive extra support calls through the end of the year as well as an additional intensive workshop in the fall as a bonus.

In order to ensure all of our students have a basic familiarity with the rREST technique before starting the course, we require all new students to have experienced a minimum of three (3) rREST sessions with a Licensed rREST Coach prior to participating in the rREST Certification Program. If you have not already experienced rREST with a Licensed rREST Coach, don't worry - you can complete three (3) Sessions anytime before your course begins. 
DISCLAIMER: Content and number of calls offered during the course is subject to change as we evolve together to serve you best.

rREST is excited to now offer financing options!

rREST Certification Program

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