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Course Description

Society is finally starting to talk about the importance of mental health, yet stress in America is at an all-time high. This is because we’re being presented with an inconsistent narrative: every influencer or activist who preaches the importance of self-care and mental health is undermined by the centuries-old idea that stress is the key to achieving our goals. Moreover, negative emotions are dynamically linked with stress, and yet we’ve learned to suppress our negative emotions, while simultaneously seeking out the stressful conditions that manifest them.

The truth is that most people have a hyper-sensitive stress response due to emotional experiences during childhood development. Stress doesn’t just mean being angry, having anxiety, or having PTSD. Stress shows up in many forms such as procrastination, people-pleasing, being manipulative, living in an imaginary world, hiding out, hoarding, weight gain, eating disorders, and so many other triggered patterns and behaviors.

If you’re the kind of person who believes that reducing stress is the real key to progress, and you want to learn how you can help yourself and others reduce stress, then you belong in the rREST® Certification Program.

rREST® draws on the most recent developments in developmental psychology and cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. It leverages the links between brain networks that control our emotions, memories, and physiological states to deprogram our unnecessary stress responses on both the conscious and subconscious level and eliminate unnecessary stress responses. Through this “shedding” of our emotional armor, rREST® reveals our authentic adult selves and eliminates the all-too-frequent interruptions of stress in our daily lives.

The rREST® Certification Course is more than just a life-coaching tool for your business. It is a foundation for your own healing and personal growth. Through this program, you will first gain emotional agility, which is the ability to master your own emotions, becoming that rare person who has the ability to ride out your emotions without being controlled, stopped, sabotaged, or overwhelmed by them. When you enroll in this program, not only will you learn the skills to help transform the lives of other people, you will transform your own.

“As a personal trainer, people tend to tell you all about their stresses while working out. Now, I have a means to release their underlying stresses that in the past have most likely stood in the way of my clients goals. Before rREST the only thing I could help them with is feeling better in the moment, now they feel better for a lifetime. By combining rREST sessions with personal training, there is nothing but success taking place.  Who knew that releasing underlying stress could be so powerful?”

-Lindsay Hahl

Course Structure

The rREST® Certification Course is a 4-5 month program split into four sections: Energy and Flow by rREST®, rREST® I: Techniques, Life Energy Coaching by rREST®, and rREST® II: Advanced Techniques.

Each section is comprised of a series of e-learning video lessons, accompanied by 1-3 support calls and a full-day workshop. All live calls and workshops will be hosted remotely via video conference.*

Energy and Flow by rREST® — this section explains the science behind human intuition and how to harness it, as well the surprising link between our brainwaves and the earth’s magnetic field. You will also learn about Reiki as a supplemental healing practice and be attuned to Reiki Levels I and II.

rREST® I: Techniques — this section provides an easy-to-digest understanding of the physiology and neurology behind the human stress response and its development before diving into how to do rREST® itself.

Life Energy Coaching by rREST® — after learning the basics of rREST®, you will explore additional tools for helping your clients reinforce new neural pathways that replace the old stress patterns you eliminated.

rREST® II: Advanced Techniques — in the final section of this course, you will learn how to do rREST on yourself, use rREST to identify and reprogram limiting beliefs, and use rREST to address physical manifestations of stress such as pain or tension.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the human stress response including its development, health risks, and when it can be used as a tool to promote change.

  • Develop your skills as an emotional detective by uncovering the emotional “blind spots” of yourself and your clients that foster dysfunctional stress-induced habits.

  • Strengthen your understanding of the neurobiology associated with the human stress response to provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing mental health challenges.

  • Expand your intellectual skillset to incorporate empathy, innovation, and curiosity in your daily life and foster it in the lives of others.

  • Elevate your business opportunities by offering your skills as a Certified rREST® Coach.**

What This Course Includes

During the Course:

  • Access to our student portal and online course materials.

  • Fun, dynamic and clear instruction.

  • 4 LIVE online intensive workshops.

  • Periodic LIVE support calls to aid in your course progression.

  • An engaged and supportive learning community.

Upon Certification:

  • Access to our alumni community and continuing education seminars.

  • Promotional materials to boost your rREST® practice.

  • Eligibility for our Client Leads program to receive client referrals.

  • 10% referral bonus for each referred student who registers for the rREST® Certification Course or Energy and Flow by rREST®.***


In order to ensure all of our students have a basic familiarity with the rREST technique before starting the course, we require all new students to have experienced a minimum of three (3) rREST sessions with a Licensed rREST Coach prior to participating in the rREST Certification Program. If you have not already experienced rREST with a Licensed rREST Coach, don't worry - you can complete three (3) Sessions anytime before your course begins. 


*Content and number of calls offered during the course is subject to change as we evolve together to serve you best.

**rREST® Inc. does not guarantee financial gains by participating in this program, however many certified coaches consider their rREST® practice to be an additional source of stable income.

***Applies to new students only. Students must mention your (the coach) name upon registration for their selected course for you to receive the bonus.

rREST Certification Program

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