Recertification with Licensing Included-$500.00

What you will receive:

1. Access to recertification materials so you can keep your rREST ® Certification

2. The right to use the rREST® method as specified in the applicable rREST® Certification Agreement

3. A nonexclusive license to rREST® branding and the rREST® logo for use as specified in the rREST® branding guide

4. Complimentary training or training resources for select software commonly used by rREST® coaches, at the discretion of rREST® Inc.

5. Continued access to all course materials for the purpose of recertification or review for the duration of the archive period as determined by rREST® Inc.

6. Access to select rREST® Inc. events for the promotion of your business

7. Access to select marketing materials for your business

8. The opportunity to receive rREST® client leads from rREST® Inc. and other lead generation partners (qualified coaches only)

9. The opportunity to participate in the rREST® Alumni monthly calls and their recordings.

10. The opportunity to participate in support groups to continue to learn and be a part of the Certified and Licensed Alumni community.

rREST Certification Program

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